Fried Lotus Root

Finding lotus root was the main reason we went to the Japanese market in the first place; we’d had lotus root dishes at a restaurant before and both thought they were delicious, so we wanted to make ones of our own. The fried version is one of the two recipes we’ve tried so far, and […]

Japanese Market: Sweets Roulette 2

We took a second trip to the market to pick up Tonkatsu Sauce, and grabbed another random candy on our way out. Even having eaten it, I legitimately have no idea what this is. Opening it gave little more clue: Fortunately, the back of the packaging had instructions that included pictures and the packets were […]

Japanese Market: Sweets Roulette 1

The market we went to has a (proportionally) large sweets aisle with a wide variety. The problem is, all of the packaging is in Japanese; while that’s true for the whole store, the price tags include a short English description, which is enough for most products. It, however, is not descriptive of the candy. We […]

Japanese Market: Yakisoba Bread

Recently, Austin has been trying to branch out to non-European cuisine, and has been looking at Japanese at least partially because they don’t tend to go heavy on the spicy foods. A number of their recipes, however, call for ingredients that would generally not be found in a normal American grocery store, so he tracked […]

Dessert – Ginger Rice Pudding

Notably, several differences were done from this recipe.  We didn’t have fresh ginger, so a tablespoon of ground ginger was simmered with the milk instead.  All milk used was 2% milk, no 1% milk nor any Soy Milk. This recipe makes quite a lot of rice pudding, and it’s fairly heavy, so we ended up […]