Leftovers Improvisation: Taco Pie

Some days, we have leftovers.  To get rid of a lot of leftovers at once, it is sometimes needful to create Frankensteinian abominations of Mad Cuisine. Recently, this created Taco Pie. The leftover culprits in question were as follows: cheddar beer dip, grated cheddar cheese, sausages, and pie crust dough (the same as featured in […]

Main Course: Bison “Sliders”

We’re fortunate that our local grocery store stocks ground bison in addition to ground beef. Bison is similar to beef but it has a distinct (and, in our opinion, better) flavor that gets lost if it’s mixed in with too much spice, so our preferred method of cooking the bison is hamburgers. We’d been using […]

Side: Cheddar Beer “Dip”

The recipe for the pretzels suggested making this dip to go alongside them. We did, but the pretzels nowhere near used up the dip, partly because the pretzels were really good on their own and partly because the recipe made a ton of dip. We refrigerated it and found that after chilling it thickened into […]

Main Course: “Buzzard Bites”

Turkey meatballs in a sweet/tangy sauce, courtesy of the World of Warcraft cookbook. Now, the first time around we didn’t get the sauce thick enough, which resulted in the meatballs, with only a thin glaze, being a little dry and a little bland. Also, in a lot of leftover sauce. It turns out it works […]

Fish Custard (as per Doctor Who)

So, after the Apple and Sausage Pie, Austin still needed something to eat for dinner, which resulted in poking around the pantry, finding a packet of Birds’ instant custard and a good supply of Gorton’s Fish Sticks, and remembering why those things were in the house… fish custard! For those who don’t know, Fish Fingers […]

Main Course: Apple and Sausage Pie

Procedure: We didn’t bother with Italian Sausage and used seasoned ground beef instead. This normally works wonders as a substitution and the thing is you can season it just to your taste… Result: There was a split decision on this one! Steff liked it plenty, Austin couldn’t stand it. The basic flavor combination of granny […]