Main Dish: Oyakodon

Oyakodon is a Japanese egg/rice/chicken bowl that derives some savory flavor from a Dashi stock.  It’s very easy to make (even first time out, unfamiliar with the recipe), fast, and hearty. However, we haven’t really gone back to this one a lot because it is heavy.  Maybe we did something wrong, but diving into a […]

Main Dish: Omurice

Omurice is basically a portmanteau of “omelet” and “rice.” At its briefest explanation, it’s fried rice wrapped in a thin layer of egg, as such: Omurice has become a new staple of the house.  Why? There are a few reasons. 1) Omurice is fast to make.  The rice can be cooked ahead of time, and […]

Dessert: Sugar-Coated Ginger Cookies

Due to buying supplies only to realize we already had them in the kitchen, we’ve ended up with a significant surplus of ginger and maple syrup. Steff requested that Austin try to find a use for it, and these cookies were the result. There are several interesting notes to making these cookies, but the Browned […]

Sweets Roulette: Meltyblend

These little chocolate cubes were absolutely delicious! This box was strawberry flavored, and the strawberry part genuinely tasted like the berry, rather than the over-sugared faux-berry that most flavored candies have. The chocolate had the same trait of tasting like chocolate rather than sugar, blended well with the berry, and didn’t have the sickly-sweet aftertaste […]

Dessert: Hanami Dango

Hanami Dango are little balls made of just sweet rice flour, sugar, and tofu. Making them is actually fairly simple — soft tofu comes together into a dough with sugar and mochiko, which can then be separated for coloring/flavoring.  After that, roll into individual balls and boil a few minutes longer than it takes them […]

Main Course: Jjinppang-mandu (Steamed Pork Buns)

So, these were actually kind of fun to make, though they do have a lot of steps compared to some quicker meals considering you have to drain excess water from the vegetables.  We also made the dumplings well ahead (we brought them to a party for the opening of the Winter Olympics), steaming them up […]

Snack: Chocolate Chex Mix

The concept of this one was getting Chex cereal coated in a chocolate/peanut butter mixture. We bought a spare box of Chex specifically to try this out and were not disappointed. Chocolate and peanut butter always go well together and the crunch of the cereal added to it. The only real problem was how easy […]