Side – Onion Rings

(Given that of the two of us, only Austin likes onion rings, this review is entirely from him.) Ah, Onion Rings — a staple of anywhere that serves “American” food, typically in the lower price and quality bracket.  Most certainly a comfort food, and absolutely not a good way to eat your veggies.  So, this […]

Dessert: Cranberry Apple Spice Cookies

Recently we were gifted with a large number of apples. As is our habit, we decided to find something interesting to do with them, and agreed on making apple cookies. It turned out that the apple to cookie ratio was very much in favor of the cookie output; we ended up overflowing with cookies. They […]

Dessert: Strawberry Jell-O Pie

A bit before the Fourth of July, we found discounted Jell-O at our local store and decided to pick it up and find some fun things to do with it for the Fourth. We ended up making two: a fairly standard raspberry Jell-O with raspberries, and this concoction. The ingredients were fairly simple: strawberry Jell-O, […]

Dessert: Pumpkin Cheesecake

We’d wanted to try our hand at making cheesecake for a while, but didn’t want to make just a plain one. We were browsing through the usual fruit and chocolate recipes when we noticed a pumpkin one and remembered that we had an unopened can of pumpkin in our pantry, and the rest is history. […]

Main Course: Black Bean Burgers

While both of us enjoy meat dishes, Steffanie does have vegetarian relatives, so partially because of that, we have practiced some meatless cooking. One of these has become one of our favorites even when not entertaining–our black bean burgers. These burgers don’t taste at all like hamburgers, but either of us would take them over […]