Japanese Market: Sweets Roulette 2

We took a second trip to the market to pick up Tonkatsu Sauce, and grabbed another random candy on our way out.


Even having eaten it, I legitimately have no idea what this is. Opening it gave little more clue:

Market2 Open

Fortunately, the back of the packaging had instructions that included pictures and the packets were numbered as well as colored, so we figured out what we were supposed to do, which was mix two of the packets plus water to make a blue paste, and then dip the provided spoon into the blue paste and use the blue paste to pick up the contents of the third packet, which were tiny little candy beads with a texture and taste similar to Smarties.

Market2 Mixed

Unlike the prior roulette, which was basically processed sugar, the resulting treat had a rather complex flavor. The taste of the blue paste was primarily sour–a pleasant sour–and it contrasted and complimented the tart-sweet of the little candies. The closest comparison to an American treat is Fun Dip, but the texture is quite different, plus the sourness of the paste is the primary flavor as opposed to the tart sweetness of the candy.  We may not know what this is, but if you get the chance to try it, do.


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