Dessert – Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

These have a mildly amusing story for how they got made. Steff asked if we had any dessert. Austin checked the cupboards, checked something on his computer, gave a maniacal laugh, and declared that he needed to go to the store, refusing to give any explanation. Steff was a bit worried, but both of us were pleased with the outcome.

The mad science involved making a peanut butter/powdered sugar/vanilla mixture(a cup, a cup, and a teaspoon) and melting chocolate chips.  The molten chocolate was spread into the bottom of paper muffin cups, tossed into the freezer until set, and then covered with a pat of peanut butter and a drizzle of more chocolate.


These end up similar to a particular trademarked candy, but did have some distinct flavor differences. Steff describes it as a “softer” flavor—possibly from the recipe just using peanut butter and vanilla for the filling rather than adding any artificial flavors. The filling was smoother, as well. Despite those, they ended up being richer than actual Reese’s; we could really only stomach one per sitting.

In the end, though, we’re not sure we’d make them again. Are they good? Absolutely. Are they better than the store-bought version? We’d say so. Are they worth the extra effort over just buying the store-made candy? Maybe not that much better.

One side note: While we used semi-sweet chocolate chips, milk chocolate might be more appropriate here.  We love dark chocolate, but it is a more intense flavor.


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