Main Course: Mozzarella Grilled Chicken & Mozzarella Grilled Chicken Sandwich

So, the goal of this recipe was looking for a specific flavor of sandwich.  The sandwich in question was one Austin had had from a rotating menu, and thus couldn’t get again.  It featured grilled chicken breast with cheese and quite a few other fixings, not all of which were replicated on our first attempt here.

The “Experiment #1” Recipe, which fortunately enough recaptured the basic flavor of the chicken, is fairly simple.  This is for stovetop because frankly firing up an actual grill this time of year is at least as miserable as the heating of the house caused by the stove.  Maybe once we get autumn weather (at least the dry end of it) we’ll experiment with recipes out on the grill.  That said, you may see grill marks on the chicken!  That’s not because we used prefab slices, but rather because we have a ridged pan intended to create them (and drain grease too, it’s great for burgers).

Grilled Chicken

So, we started with thin-cut chicken breast fillets.  Both sides were lightly dusted with garlic salt.  The grill pan was lightly oiled along the top of the ridges (a presentation trick, if you really want grill marks indoors…  it also helps keep the chicken from sticking, of course), heated on high, and then on went the chicken!  When whiteness was starting to creep up through the slabs, in just a couple of minutes, they were flipped over and cooked about as long on the other side so they’d be done all the way through.  Then the heat was kicked down to medium-low, the chicken was flipped again, and the slices were topped liberally with mozzarella.  We happened to have shredded but I’m sure you could use sliced or natural, the goal is to get something of a thin coating.  The pieces of chicken, seared from their initial high heat treatment, stayed nice and moist even as the mozzarella ever so slowly melted to a pale golden-white sheen on top.  Once the mozzarella was all melty and good the fire was killed and the patties were removed.  Steff had hers on its own, while Austin, of course, made his into a basic sandwich: the real trick will come upon topping it with all sorts of crazy things, but this was the day for just getting the basic flavor and preparation technique down.

It was good!


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