Dessert: Cranberry Apple Spice Cookies

Recently we were gifted with a large number of apples. As is our habit, we decided to find something interesting to do with them, and agreed on making apple cookies. It turned out that the apple to cookie ratio was very much in favor of the cookie output; we ended up overflowing with cookies. They were good cookies, though! Since we added cranberry as well, the apple flavor was mild, but the apple had enough presence to give the cookie a unique texture. The spices in the cookie dough itself gave it a distinct, strong flavor without being overpowering and the resultant cookies were nicely soft without being squishy. It’s hardly health food, but if you’ve got a few apples to spare, this is a fun way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Apple Spice Cookies

The basic recipe is here:  We modified the recipe to have a cup and a half of apples and a cup of cranberries, rather than the base apple/raisin/nut collection.


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