Dessert: Strawberry Jell-O Pie

A bit before the Fourth of July, we found discounted Jell-O at our local store and decided to pick it up and find some fun things to do with it for the Fourth. We ended up making two: a fairly standard raspberry Jell-O with raspberries, and this concoction.

Strawberry Jello 1

The ingredients were fairly simple: strawberry Jell-O, whipped cream (Cool Whip), and actual strawberries. We used the same graham cracker crust as the pumpkin cheesecake—we actually used our first try at the crust on this one, and it ended up very stiff. The stiffness and toughness of the crust paired with the light but solid filling meant it was easier to eat it like a topped cracker than with a fork like a pie. The sugary concoction didn’t have the sickeningly sweet taste of artificial sugar that Steff at least had feared, though it certainly didn’t taste like real strawberries. The texture was fluffy, not quite like a mousse, and paired well with the over-stiff graham cracker crust. Our guests certainly liked it—there wasn’t any left by the end of the night.


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