Leftovers Improvisation: Taco Pie

Some days, we have leftovers.  To get rid of a lot of leftovers at once, it is sometimes needful to create Frankensteinian abominations of Mad Cuisine. Recently, this created Taco Pie.

The leftover culprits in question were as follows: cheddar beer dip, grated cheddar cheese, sausages, and pie crust dough (the same as featured in “Swedish Meat Pies”).

First, the two sausages were diced finely (Austin says: I was kind of kicking myself for this, I have an antique meat grinder I haven’t used and this was the perfect opportunity), then they were placed in a pan and the heat turned on to get them cooked.  At this point taco seasoning (Lawry’s) was added as per its own directions, perhaps with a little less water than usual, and as it started to reach the desired consistency, the heat was turned off.

The dough was patted out flat, and a half cup of rice prepared.  The rice was then added to the sausage mix.

Taco Pie Seasoning and Rice

Then the cheese dip and grated cheese added and stirred in until the whole mess essentially became a thick, cheesy, meaty, spiced paste.

Taco Pie Add Cheese

This was spooned onto the pie crusts, which were then pinched shut and baked as per the crust’s directions.

The result is not the kind of cuisine you will find in any cookbook or restaurant, a fundamental sin against good cooking everywhere, a shambling monster of a dish spawned by fever dreams and a desperate need to clear ingredients from our refrigerator before they would threaten to go bad.  But it tasted pretty good!


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