Dessert – Ginger Rice Pudding

Notably, several differences were done from this recipe.  We didn’t have fresh ginger, so a tablespoon of ground ginger was simmered with the milk instead.  All milk used was 2% milk, no 1% milk nor any Soy Milk. This recipe makes quite a lot of rice pudding, and it’s fairly heavy, so we ended up […]

Main Course: Yorkshire Meat Muffins

It’s time for another episode of “Cleaning out the freezer”!  Today — Stew Meat!  Stew meat seemed like such a great idea, after all, stew is amazing!  It’s warm and tasty, an entire meal in a single dish, it’s just great.  The problem is that stew takes HOURS, and heats up the house the whole […]

Side – Onion Rings

(Given that of the two of us, only Austin likes onion rings, this review is entirely from him.) Ah, Onion Rings — a staple of anywhere that serves “American” food, typically in the lower price and quality bracket.  Most certainly a comfort food, and absolutely not a good way to eat your veggies.  So, this […]

Dessert: Cranberry Apple Spice Cookies

Recently we were gifted with a large number of apples. As is our habit, we decided to find something interesting to do with them, and agreed on making apple cookies. It turned out that the apple to cookie ratio was very much in favor of the cookie output; we ended up overflowing with cookies. They […]